Lets talk about your wedding plans.

Maybe your entire life you’ve been dreaming of your wedding day.

In your dreams, its a huge event with a big-ass fancy ballgown, a shit-load of people, 20 person bridal party, a 47 layer wedding cake, and hours and hours of event after event.

But maybe you haven’t…

Have you ever thought of just saying fuck it and eloping?

Here are my top five reasons why you should elope in 2020.

1. COVID-19

Honestly, I’ve heard it so many times. “We want to elope, but we’re afraid to offend our friends and families.” Well guys, here’s your chance! With the current restrictions on large events, the dirty work has been done for you. It’s the perfect opportunity to steal away for a small wedding, since the choice is now out of your hands!


Elopements and small weddings have one thing in common: they’re extremely intimate. Forget having to sashay from table to table making small talk with your parent’s coworkers and your third-cousin’s socially awkward husband. This is your chance to invite only your closest circle of friends and family. Your few guests will feel actively involved, engaged, and appreciated. You’ll feel all the warm and fuzzies, and none of the obligatory discomfort.


When you pare down your guest list, you open up endless options. You can have the most lavish florals, eat the swankiest meals, and spend more money on the details. When you’re not paying the catering bill for 300 guests, you free up that money to use for something else you wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.


Imagine you’re trying to find a venue to accommodate 300 guests. As you can guess, your options are fairly limited. Now imagine you have 15 guests. You can literally go ANYWHERE. The reception could be you hosting a small backyard long table dinner, or ordering take-out at the beach. You can do ANYTHING. The bill will be a fraction of the cost and your reception will be anything but basic.


There is no use giving yourself an aneurysm, small weddings require 99% less stressing out. We’re talking way less vendor coordination, no timelines, and none of the fuss. It’s simply a matter of meeting the officiant, getting hitched, and then doing whatever the fuck you want.

Now you’ve read the 5 reasons you should elope in 2020, check out this Fort Langley elopement!


Hair/Makeup: Kelsey Dickson

Florals: Green Leaf Floral Design

Officiant: Kevin Fatkin

Bride & Groom Attire : Zara

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