Eclectic Peace Arch Park Wedding - Surrey, British Columbia - Lisa and MJ

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

It's not everyday that you meet two ridiculously talented artists who happen to be getting married to each other. I knew Lisa was a super skilled hair artist, but I had no idea the extent of this girl's ability. They collectively planned and executed every decor piece of their wedding, including the florals, and ceremony pieces. There were insane details I have never seen done before. Lisa even made a custom hair piece from both of their grandmother's jewelry.

Lisa and MJ planned to read their vows to each other (my favourite!) at their first look. MJ happened to forget his written vows at home, so he went completely off the cuff, but it didn't matter at all.

This wedding had all the things I love: crying parents, cute little grandmas, candle light, and a hand-painted pug and donut portrait.

Hair and Makeup: Plushington Beauty Bar & Rose Quartz Beauty

Art & Decor Pieces: Creative Studio 1988

Venue: Peace Arch Park Picnic Shelter

Day of Coordination: Cheryl Stebbings Decor & Design