Emotional Bodega Ridge Wedding // Galiano Island // Roxanne & Steve

Oh Roxanne and Steve. This day was just fucking awesome.

This was my first ever wedding on Galiano Island, and I was super freaking excited. I took the ferry over the day before, and stayed in the most amazing Airbnb place ever.

Our day started out a little different than we expected, when an accident knocked out power on half the island. Luckily though, it only set us back an hour and everything else went as planned.

My favourite moments from the day:

The first look. I'm a huge sucker for an emotional first look and even I wasn't ready for Steve's reaction to how insanely stunning Roxanne looked.

Our portrait location: I scouted hard for this one, and thank the Lord that these two have so much trust in me. I drove them pretty freaking far from their venue, all the way to The Bluffs, for this view.

Their families. My camera was glued to Roxanne's parents, and Steve's Dad and Nanny Jen the entire time. I'm such sucker for family members who are so invested in the moments, and this wedding did not disappoint.

Vendor Credits:

Bodega Ridge (This place is seriously the shit. The staff is incredible, and OH MY GOD the food.)

DJ: Jeffrey Innes (Entertainer extraordinaire.)

Florals: Galiano Florists