Dreamy Lighthouse Park Elopement // Preet & Zach

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Preet and Zach are a fun-loving, adventurous couple who decided to elope a few weeks before their big wedding day to have their first look experience and read their vows privately.

The plan was for Preet and Zach to drive separately to Lighthouse Park, so they wouldn't see each other. Zach had a bit of car trouble on his way there, so the plan was almost ruined. The florist, Sarah Keegstra from Kaye Fleur, and I, came to the rescue! We swung by and picked up Zach, and the plan was back in action!

Preet made me listen to country music, but I allowed it because I love her. Her friends made her a custom denim jacket with her new married last name, which went perfectly over her stunning dress.

It was a perfect day with a beautiful sunset (that golden light tho) and these two were a blast to run around with.